Who’s behind Wild About Hooves

Jeremy Ford

A farrier of 20 years is now a professional natural hoof care practitioner. After being introduced to barefoot trimming he has hung up his hammer and stored the anvil to promote healthy sound metal-shoe free horses.

Jeremy FordJeremy has been involved with horses all his life in all disciplines including hunting, endurance and stockwork. His encounters with wild Australian Brumbies in the outback were the major inspiration for the switch to barefoot. These horses have hooves hard, strong and able to cope with the hardest terrain. This natural world led him to study with the AANHCP (American Assoc of Natural Hoof Care Practitioners).

Jeremy currently runs educational workshops on hoof care. He is principal lecturer in the Equine Hoof Care certificate course run by Global Net Academy. The only hoof care course in the world recognised by Government Training Framework and the best in practical hoof care edcation.

When not working Jeremy and his favourite black mare, Ruby Running Bare, are a leading heavyweight team in endurance competition in Tasmania.

Jen Clingly

Jen is an advocate for bare hooves. She and her horse, Imaj Zamir, have become a high profile barefoot endurance team. She was the first in Australia to successfully complete a 100 mile endurance ride, and the first in Australia to win an endurance ride outright on aJen Ford barefoot horse. Their 5000km achievement and successful string of placings in endurance has proven time and time again that shoes are not necessary, even for long distance. She is passionate on her quest to educate others of the benefits of not shoeing horses.

Jen is currently working as a professional hoof care practitioner  in Tasmania. She is a member of Tasmania’s Mounted Search and Rescue and a lecturer with the trade certificate in “Equine Hoof Care” course. Jen is also a freelance writer and features regularly in the ‘Horse Hoof’ magazine. She is also focusing on writing a book highlighting the healthy hoof and giving insight into training a barefoot performance horse. Jen is Jeremy’s right hand man (or more colloquially, his right hoof woman!)

Jen and Jeremy live in picturesque Meander Valley, Tasmania at “The Gem”.


DSC01571They are wild about hooves and horsing around. They are also wild about their children, training endurance horses, trimming hooves and educating students keen to study natural hoof care and horsemanship.Together they make an inspiring and complimentary team.


Their business is all encompassing

Workers – A busy trim practice in Tasmania

Trainers – One Day Learn to Trim workshops AUSTRALIA WIDE

Lecturers – in 12 month course in Equine Hoof Care http://www.australianhooftrimmers.com

Adventure Tour Specialists

  1. Brumby Tours based out of Alice Springs, NT.
  2. Holidays on horseback in Tasmania
  3. Farm Stay accommodation with natural horsemanship and trail riding.

Documentary Film Makers – ‘Running Naked’ premiered with a screening at Equitana 2008. Film is their favourite medium for education and they have also produced an instructional trim dvd and short film on rehabilitation. This can be purchased on the online store.

Educational Resource Providers – including a booklet called ‘The Bare Facts’ and “the Founder Facts.” Plus numerous published articles on barefoot endurance riding and Australia’s wild horses. Available on the online store

Active Competitors – they train & compete in endurance riding and educate and agist internationally owned horses at ‘The Gem’ farm.
They are always in the saddle practicing what they preach!

Tool Makers – they designed and developed  tools and gear specifically for the trimming market – a loop knife and hook pick ‘all in one’ is by far the most popular tool for hoof trim professionals.