Educational DVDs

From Outback to Racetrack

A moving journey of discovery, for a better understanding between the human, the horse and the environments we live in.

An inspiring and thought provoking journey to the Australian outback to study the brumby horses. A journey to make you reflect on the nature of the horse and the relevance these wild horses have to our domestic equines. It highlights the bare facts of horses without shoes, about changing horse keeping practices to complement evolutionary needs, and ways to adapt our home environments to keep some of the “wild” elements. A journey to help horses perform in any discipline with success and soundness.

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Wild About Hooves – Learn to Trim DVD

A fun, informative and sometimes slightly quirky film dealing with the principles behind running your horses barefoot. It compliments the one day workshop and allows you a take home learning reference.


“I love the DVD. Well done. I thought it was very funny and contained lots of great information. You guys rock!”  Kristal Berry

“The video was fantastic and really consolidated for me what I had learned during the day. It showed so clearly and simply the essence of natural hoof care. The passion you two have for horses and their hooves shines through on that video and it is beautiful and inspiring to watch. Thanks so much.”  Lucy Lockart