Founder Facts Booklet

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Laminitis is one of the biggest killers of horses worldwide. This  little booklet is full of lots of information to prevent your horse developing laminitis. If you have a laminitic horse in your care, it will outline a management plan to aid their recovery. This great resource is written in simple terms with easy to follow advice. It  contains 25 pages of up to date information and has been peer reviewed and edited by the leader in laminitis research in Australia, Professor Chris Pollitt. It has been referred to as a “bible” by horseowners with laminitic ponies. Buy in bulk and save. Customer Reviews Excellent information for horse owners – Rebecca J Scott – 10/19/2011 This is a gem of a booklet which explains in simple terms with photographs, what laminitis and founder is, what it does to your horse or pony and how to avoid and or fix it. It is the only publication of its type available in Australia and should be sitting on the counter of every feedstore and vet clinic IMO. If you want to know about founder and laminitis and how to deal with it – or better still, how to avoid your horse of pony going laminitic in the first place – download or buy a copy of this book. Highly recommended.Rebecca J. Scott FREE POST when purchasing this Founder Facts Booklet on its own.