The WILD Hoof Stand

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Designed by professional trimmers in the field who’ve “road tested” all the hoof stands in the market. This stand aims to make trimming really EASY.     Its “Horse Endorsed” too. Trialled by every size and make of horse – its customized to suit them all. (Shetlands to Clydesdales) Its user friendly: Set it in position to rest the horses hoof in the cradle and when you finish underneath then push or kick it into position to put the hoof forward. Its lightweight and its tough – kick and knock it about – its designed to be your “work horse” and SAVE YOUR BACK. It works a “treat” on uneven terrain too. An asset for your trim kit. Price $205, plus postage around Australia add $25.

Dimensions – at its highest (with cradle raised)the WILD hoof stand is 500mm. At its lowest position, it is 300mm. And when the hoof is taken forward onto any of the tripod sections they measure in at 375mm

This stand was designed and  created by Jeremy Ford when he hurt his back earlier in the year. As a farrier who never used a hoof stand, he designed one that he is happy to work with or work for him.

It’s simple to use, no changing parts, robust and light weight, affordable and best of all, the Horses/ponies/donkeys love it. After all- they are the number one “PRODUCT CRITIC”


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Weight 5.4 kg