The Wild Knife

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The Wild Knife is easy to use, with the hoof pick as part of the knife it optimises your time and efficiency when trimming. The manner the steel is tempered ensures it stays sharp and holds an edge like no other.  The shortness of the blade and handle gives you power and precision to tackle the toughest of hooves. The pick serves to clean out the hoof before you commence trimming and also allows you to investigate seedy toe or separation issues in a pathological hoof. This knife has been designed to suit everyone from beginner to the seasoned farrier. Made from premium quality stainless steel ATS 34 and hand forged. Each knife is individually crafted with a wooden handle for optimal feel. It is the best tool on the market, possibly the sharpest knife you will ever use.  A real treasure for your trim kit. Knife Specifications

  • The length of blade – 45mm
  • Loop diameter – 15mm
  • Hoof pick length – 20mm
  • Handle – 13cm

Testimonial “I absolutely love my Wild Knife! I don’t need to carry a hoof pick anymore. The pick on the loop knife is far superior to any hoof pick and makes cleaning the stones and muck out of whiteline separation a breeze. The Wild Knife is a practical and beautifully made tool and I highly recommend it to every hoof care provider.” Jenny Lomas – Natural Hoof Care Practitioner HOOFNZ Instructor

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