WILD ABOUT HOOVES run seminars on everything & anything to do with horses hooves and the natural horse.
Both professional presenters, Jen and Jeremy offer interactive, fun and dynamic seminars to give listeners a bucket load of information to think about.

Subjects include:

  • Importance of good hoof care
  • Keys to success with happy, healthy, sound horses
  • Barefoot competition success
  • Training the barefoot endurance horse
  • What aspects influence hoof health
  • Recognising and treating common hoof pathologies
  • Transitioning to Bare Hooves & the importance of Hoof Protection
  • The Wild Horse and Brumby Study Tours
  • Hoof Rehabilitation
  • Managing the unshod horse

Jen & Jeremy have presented at:

  • Equitana
  • The Man from Snowy River Festival NSW
  • Sumba, INDONESIA
  • Mountain Cattlemans, TAS
  • Tokyo University JAPAN
  • Murdoch University WA
  • NRM North TAS
  • Total Equine Festival QLD
  • plus world wide webinars for CAVALLO.