Wild Horse

Mustangs-fightingThe inspiration behind “Wild About Hooves” is the wild horse. These horses with their strong, healthy, sound bare hooves are the goal. They are living proof that horses don’t need shoes.

Jen and Jeremy have studied the Australian Brumbies and American Mustangs. They have filmed and researched their movement, environment and diet. They are in awe of their overall health, hardiness and heavy-duty lame-free hooves.

There is so much to be learnt from observation of the wild horse worldwide.

With their knives and rasps, their trim on a domestic horse aims to mimic the natural wear of the wild horse. Their educational workshops aim to highlight the importance of trying to keep our horses in a “wild horse” environment to improve their quality of life.010506









Wild About Hooves run an annual ‘Wild Horse Adventure Tour’ to observe brumbies in their natural habitats.